The Ministry

The governmental declaration has set out specific objectives for each of the departments within the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works.

The priority activities that were thereby established in the fields of transport and public works, are presented as follows:

Flesh out and implement an integrated transport policy

The government seeks to ensure that addressing mobility bottlenecks for both professional and leisure activities is made a top priority.

The sustainable mobility strategy (Modu 2.0) serves as a set of guidelines, which need to be further developed and implemented, for this purpose.

The aim is to ensure good public transport coverage and to factor in active mobility in the planning stage of all road and rail infrastructure projects, public buildings, new housing developments, leisure facilities and shopping centers. Targeted management of parking areas will also be introduced.

In this context, following the strategy Modu 2.0, a national mobility plan will be elaborated and adapted to the needs and demands projected for horizon 2035.

In order to gather the necessary data for mobility planning in an efficient and continuous way, adapted to the constant evolution of needs, a mobility observatory will be put in place.

Search for new supplementary action vectors for faster and more efficient building and maintenance

In order to tackle the challenge of needs in short-time infrastructure, the objective is to ensure the construction and maintenance of public buildings and construction works in a fast and financially interesting way, eventually with adapted human resources.

An ambitioned investment program and a strict financial follow-up will allow a most effective and short time implementation.

A competence center in public procurements and markets as well as a competence center for sustainable construction and circular economy will also be put in place.

Organisation chart

From an administrative point of view, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works is divised into 2 departments :

The Ministry is reinforced in the exercise of its remit by 2 public institutions.

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