The Ministry for Mobility and Public Works has the following functions within the domains of Mobility/Transport:


1. General transport policy: definition, design and guidance by stocktaking, prioritization, resource allocation and expenditure control - general coordination of works - state protection service


2. Railways: rail transport of persons and goods - railway infrastructure and international railway connections - railway funds - international railway connection fund - railway regulation - Railway Administration


3. Mobility planning: mobility strategy, coordination and planning - concepts and projects - alternative mobility - development of transport networks (rail, tramway, bus, road and active mobility) and intermodality - tramway/Luxtram - cross-border mobility - 'active mobility' cell - mobility observatory - 'transport model' cell - decarbonisation of transport - intelligent transport systems - mobility plans (municipalities, business parks, public buildings etc.)


4. Road traffic: driving licenses and driver training - vehicle registration and technical inspection of vehicles - regulation and traffic safety - taxi administration


5. Road transport: regulation of international road transport - authorizations for the international carriage of passengers and goods by road - road traffic control


6. Public transport: coordination of the different modes of transport carrying out a public service - provision of the offer - transport community/center for mobility - authorizations for international passenger transport - pricing - specialized transport service to competence centers for children or young people with specific educational needs, people who visit centers for people with disabilities and those with multiple disabilities, as well as disabled workers and young people in need of job integration - Adapto service


7. Inland navigation: regulation - use of the canalized Moselle - port in Mertert – Inland Waterway Authority - fleet management - management of the public river basin


8. Combined transport - multimodal policy - logistics - intermodal terminals - management of technical investigations


9. Regulation - airport - air navigation and transport - aviation safety - Directorate of Civil Aviation - Air Navigation Administration - development of airport activities - Luxairport

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