New awareness campaign "Together on the road" for a better understanding between cyclists and pedestrians

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The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works is launching a new awareness campaign named "Together on the road” this Friday, July 23, with the aim to promote a respectful interaction between cyclists and pedestrians.

Since the cycling boom during the pandemic and especially during the summer months, cyclists and pedestrians are often together on the same road.

At the centre of this campaign is the mutual respectful interaction between cyclists and pedestrians, where both sides are reminded of the importance to share public spaces and pay attention to each other.

This campaign aims to make cyclists and pedestrians aware of the significance of simple gestures and practices in public spaces in order to avoid traffic conflicts.


Here are our 10 tips for a respectful interaction between cyclists and pedestrians:

  1. Left on foot, right on bike
  2. Adapt your speed
  3. Distance creates safety
  4. Ring your bell before overtaking
  5. Seek eye contact
  6. Hello and thank you
  7. Announce a change of direction
  8. Avoid loud music and cell phone
  9. Dog on the leash
  10. Respect the environment


The campaign starts this Friday, July 23 2021 and will be broadcast in the press, on television and through a radio spot. "Together on the road” will also be launched on social networks and digital screens on trams and in communes to draw attention to the rules that cyclists and pedestrians should respect when they are together on the road.


Find more information about the individual rules on


Press release by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works

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