Transport Ministers from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands call for on an ambitious European social agenda in aviation

The European aviation sector has known an impressive growth during the last years. In the same time, it is also confronted by major challenges such as airspace saturation, a big competitive pressure and unfair competition practices from some third countries, as well as unresolved questions concerning social rights. Ongoing discussions and repetitive strikes in many Member States of the EU is one illustration of the current discontent of the employees in the sector.

Ahead of the Aviation summit organized by the Austrian Presidency of the Council (starting tomorrow 3 October in Vienna), the Ministers of Transport of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands have signed a common “Declaration on a social agenda in aviation”. The Ministers have taken this initiative in order to highlight the importance of fair working conditions for the aviation sector, to underline the need for a coherent application of existing national and European social rights and protection

The six Member States also call upon the European Commission, following its aviation strategy published in 2015, to work further on concrete and effective measures to tackle the major existing unresolved issues. As aviation is by its nature a largely international business, a coherent European approach- steered by the Commission - is needed to provide a level playing field for a fair competition amongst all the actors of the sector. In times of a looming international pilots and aircrew shortage, ensuring a “socially responsible connectivity” will in the end benefit all:  employers, employees and passengers.

The Declaration remains open for other EU member States to join in and to promote the need for a meaningful Social Agenda in Europe’s aviation.

Press release by Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure / Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur / Service public fédéral Mobilité et Transport / Transport-, Bygnings- og Boligministeriet / Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire / Ministère chargé des transports / Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

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